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Pinarello Razha Review

No bike model is harder to review than the Pinarello Razha. Some of our reviewers loved it, and others hated it. Reason? This model comes with a very specific design, which you love riding, or hate riding, there is no middle ground.

The bikes of this model are known for the pronounced forward arch Onda fork and back ends that ver quite asymmetric. This certainly gives one-of-a-kind looks to this bike model. Looks aside, this design is gives the bikes firmer feel in comparison to others. Riding is rigid and controlled. These bikes can be trusted to stay balanced even at the sharpest bends.

This bike model is called an endurance model. Meaning, you can ride it all day long for weeks. It’s highly durable and comfortable to ride. However, some might need getting used to the 185mm head-tube with the 72 degree head angle. Steering may not be relaxed, but is reliable.

We found this model easy to ride on city streets. Unlike other commuter bikes, this model offers high speeds. We wouldn’t recommended this model for rough terrain, though overall weight is quite light. The breaks pads were a bit iffy. It’s a good model with prices ranging in the middle ground.

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  • Great comfort
  • High speeds
  • Unique body design

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  • Breaks pads aren’t as good
  • Not good for handling rough terrain


The Verdict

We highly recommend Pinarello Razha bike model for hardcore bikers who cycle to work or leisure activities every day.

If you are sick of the low speeds model city bikes offer, Pinarello Razha that will cater to all your needs. The pricing is reasonable, and you end up with a durable product.

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