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The Pashley Guvnor is certainly worth a buy just for the historic and aesthetic value alone. It is certainly a functional and time-honored road racing bike that comes in singlespeed or 3 speed options. This bike is great for commuting, turning heads, and starting conversations. If you want a trip back in time, and not so much performance, then this bike is definitely for you.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Pashley Guvnor 3-Speed Ex-Demo Ex-Display
Pashley Guvnor 3-Speed Ex-Demo Ex-Display
$925 $973
Pashley Guvnor Single Speed
Pashley Guvnor Single Speed
$880 $1,232
Pashley Guvnor 3-Speed
Pashley Guvnor 3-Speed

Pashley Guvnor Review

The Pashley Guvnor is as old as it looks and sounds. The company has been around for nearly a century, and its Guvnor model, based on the then-famous Path Racer, has been around nearly as long. Pashley has updated this model in an attempt to meet with modern needs, but when we took it out for review, we can’t say that we were totally convinced.

For starters, it’s a very heavy bike! But, in all fairness, the nearly 29 lb or 13 kg weight of the double-butted Reynolds frame is actually a great weight for back in the day. For this day and age, however, not so much. For just under a thousand dollars, you can get far better quality in terms of performance, specs, and overall utility.

It is hard to compare this bike to the others we’ve reviewed because it is so outdated. For the 20s, this baby would have been a speed demon though. While the ride is unimpressive by our standards, it is certainly comfortable for a few hours of a commute.

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  • Great aesthetics
  • Old school look and feel
  • Dependable and solid construction
  • Makes for a decent commuter
  • Ideal for making a statement!

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  • Not up to par for the most basic modern standards
  • Excessive weight


The Verdict

Old is gold, and this is a brilliant, reliable old model that is worth collecting and showing off, but perhaps not so much for long commutes or practice racing!

You can’t do much with the Pashley Guvnor for today’s needs or standards. For kicks though, we’d recommend this bike in a heartbeat. It certainly looks classy, elegant, and historic, and in that respect, worth every penny.

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