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Check out the NS Bikes Eccentric, a sweet midrange hardtail with some bite and attitude. This steel framed mountain bike is actually deceptively comfortable, with some powerful and agile performance, and Maxxis and SRAM componentry to make for a great buy at this price.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
NS Bikes Eccentric Cromo 2020
NS Bikes Eccentric Cromo 2020
$3,140.99 $1,987.00
You save 37%
NS Bikes Eccentric Cromo 2020
NS Bikes Eccentric Cromo 2020
You save 37%
NS Bikes Eccentric Cromo 2020 Black
NS Bikes Eccentric Cromo 2020 Black
You save 37%

NS Bikes Eccentric Review

Built with some old school looks and offering better performance than the specs would have you believe, the NS Bikes Eccentric MTBs were pretty fun to review. We tried these bikes out on several trails with varying roughness to see how they rode.

Overall, the damping was a big highlight, with the only real hindrances being the slightly excessive weight, the high rise bars, and slightly awkward geometry. It made for a somewhat unstable-feeling ride. Other than these little issues, the Eccentric makes for a versatile bike on varying terrain, and a pretty thrilling ride.

Despite the entry-level componentry and the weight, the Eccentric gave us enough of a good performance to earn a thumbs up. You can also upgrade pretty easily, especially with the standalone frame available for your own experimentation.


  • Versatile
  • Mostly smooth
  • Comfortable
  • Powerful and agile on the trail


  • Bit on the heavy side
  • Entry-level components
  • High rise bars and awkward geometry

The Verdict

These entry-level specs at a midrange price may seem a little off-putting, but the performance on the trail is good enough for some fun on the trail.

The NS Bikes Eccentric steel hardtails were mostly satisfactory, given their class. Since it is easy to upgrade and to customize the Eccentric, unsatisfactory componentry and the cons mentioned can be addressed without much hassle. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, this is a decent buy.