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Merlin Performance Review

It is not hard to see that you are getting your money’s worth for the Merlin Performance. Not only is it a properly constructed bike, you also get a lot of impressive components for the price. One thing to note in particular, is the carbon fork!

Whether you are looking to get into cycling or you are you looking for a bike to get someone started, the Performance is an excellent choice. The bikes works smoothly, allowing the rider to handle with ease. The slightly larger tyres also afford added comfort to the rider.

Straight out of the packaging, the Merlin Performance looked good and sturdy. All that there was left to do was to take it for a spin. The Performance really does blow the competition out of the water when it comes to a beginner’s bike. While it can get a little heavy at times, this quickly gives way to a smoother ride. One of the more impressive features, of course, is that new riders will not have to worry about having to wrangle this bike – it is very easy to manage.

You do not have to be afraid of heading to a little more questionable terrain with the Performance. We took it over to a hilly section and it went like a charm. This is due to the lovely range of gears on the bike. The aluminum frame really gives this bike a sense of solidity as well. The Performance took rides over some bumpy road with minimal fuss.

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  • Very affordable
  • Good handling
  • Carbon fork minimizes vibration, allowing for better ride
  • Variety of gears

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  • A little heavy at times


The Verdict

The Merlin Performance is an affordable beginner’s bike that rides like an absolute dream.

One of the things that you simply cannot ignore about the Merlin Performance is the price. When combined with the features, it is incredibly easy to fall in love with this bike. If you are still trying to get a feel for cycling, you really will not go wrong by choosing the Performance.

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