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Merida Scultura Review

Merida Bikes has a few decades to boast of on their belt. Having a few high profile pro tour teams and a few buys of other big players as well, this company has a lot to show for itself. With the range of bike models available in the Scultura series, it seems that there is something for everyone. There were too many bikes for us to review, so we picked out one bike for each level and tried them out on the road.

Overall, these bikes rode well on the streets and pavements, with some incredibly lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber frames, coming in at an average of around 8 kg or 18 lb. Perhaps our only real complaint was the Merida Pro brakes on the 4000 midranger.

The smooth riding and easy handling were on point, and these bikes gave us some hectic speeds, particularly the 7000 models and the CF Team – E, the most expensive model at over $10K. But you definitely get what you pay for with these bikes. The Pro model has the ultimate Dura Ace Di2 groupsets, the top of the line. Further down, you have race-quality Shimano Ultegra Di2 equipment. The Shimano 105s on the midrange are a little too low for the price and the expectations, but you wouldn’t go for the midrangers if you want to race.


  • Fast speeds
  • Amazingly light weight
  • Smooth and easy handling
  • Some incredible pro models with top of the line equipment
  • Comfortable finishing kit


  • Midrange and lower models have subpar componentry
  • Merida brakes not as good as these bikes deserve

The Verdict

Overall, a great range with a little something for every budget and every road cyclist’s needs – you get what you pay for.

The Merida Scultura range has some amazing pro and race-ready bikes, which you will want to invest in if you are hoping to get across that finish line. If you aren’t really a serious rider, then the basic and midrange level bikes in this range are not really worth their price.

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