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Merida Espresso Review

Merida Espresso is not coffee of course, but a pedelec bike model from the noted brand. Don’t confuse this model with Merida’s E-Spresso, which is a different e-bike model with an electronic assist. You won’t have to pedal at all with Espresso bikes. We haven’t tried pedelecs much so reviewing this model was rather novel for us. Pedelecs are supposed to be the future of travel, where we ride these to work in the future instead of cars. It was definitely a delight to review this model.

These bikes are powerfully designed with Shimano Steps drivetrains. The electric drive system has 250w batteries, much like on the E-Spresso model. The hybrid frames have hydroformed down tubes where the semi-integrated battery compartments are placed. The placement keeps the batteries from getting in the way when pedaling. There are some internal cables at the bottom of the frame, but it didn’t bother us much. We do wonder whether the cabling could be damaged on rough terrain. We didn’t encounter any issues when we tested the bikes for the review, but we do have to wonder about durability.

These bikes are more powerful than they appear, and we managed to cover distances of 60, 85, and 120 kilometers on a single charge. With max speeds we could only go up to 60. With mild to moderate speeds, you can definitely handle 120km on one of these bikes. This is rather impressive. For daily commutes, most people rarely go over 40km, so these bikes can ride for two or three days on a single charge.


  • Powerful motor
  • Reliable Shimano drivetrain
  • Good distance on a single charge


  • Frame design has some cabling issues

The Verdict

Merida Espresso is probably one of the best pedelec e-bikes currently available. We were impressed with the distance these bikes were able to cover. If you are a daily commuter who hates strenuous pedaling, then these bikes would be a god given. We highly recommend the model for anyone who wants to try out an e-bike.

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