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Merida E-Spresso

Merida E-Spresso is a newly released hybrid bike model with an e-assist. This is not an electric bike model with auto pedaling. These bikes have an electric power line to make pedaling less strenuous. We are always eager to review new e-bikes, thought to be the future of transportation in cities. We checked out several E-Spresso bikes at our favorite urban landscapes.

Most E-Spresso bikes have the rechargeable battery mounted on the down tube. So it’s placed low, offering more stability. Each bike comes with a Shimano Steps motor. We found the motor to be surprisingly quiet. The bikes mostly have Shimano fearing and disc brakes. Most versions also have wide set Continental tires. The tires are not what we would typically describe as fat, but the tires are wide enough to offer good traction on challenging terrain. The tires are fast rolling too. Overall, Merida has made these bikes super easy to commute on. It doesn’t take much work to pedal. You can rely on this bike to arrive at the office in the morning without looking like a sweaty mess.

Our reviewers were experienced bikers who don’t really mind pedaling. But the electric assist on these E-Spresso bikes made riding a breeze. The boost is significant, but doesn’t completely eliminate the “feel” of cycling. So you can still use an E-Spresso bike for leisure cycling. The battery can last about a day. Charging can be done overnight.

Because this is an e-bike model, except to pay a significant price.

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  • Good e-assist boost
  • Quiet motor
  • Good traction

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  • Expensive


The Verdict

Merida E-Spresso is a hybrid e-bike model daily commuters will love. The electronic assist is enough to make cycling less strenuous, but not completely easy. It will keep you from sweating riding to work, but without taking all the fun out. If you are trying out e-bikes for commuting purposes, this model is definitely worth checking out.

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