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Merida Cyclo Cross Review

The Merida Cyclo Cross had us falling in love at first sight. The bike was a beauty to behold, with the lightly curved alloy frame that is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and a monster when it comes to endurance.

The fork is no worse either, a full carbon beauty that took our breath away when we saw them. The welds are obviously robotic and are covered in glossy paint to ensure that our eyes wouldn’t notice a single blemish. She was beautiful to look at. Upon riding her, we realized that shouldering had never been easier and we attributed it to the curved tube on the top of the frame, which obviously existed for far more than looks.

Even better, there wasn’t a single cable running along the tubes. Everything was routed through the tube instead, which made for a beautiful, confusion free experience during our ride. From the two water bottles to the fork, frame and suspension, this was a pretty premium bike overall.


  • Beautiful design
  • Carbon fork
  • Bump-compliance
  • Durable build
  • Shimano gears and derailleurs
  • Cartridge bearing hubs


  • Not the smoothest bike out there
  • Heavy
  • Brake levers are top mounted

The Verdict

Looking for a bike that isn’t made just for racing? The Merida Cyclo Cross is the perfect match for you, with a beautiful design and the versatility to do more.

We had a lovely time using the Merida Cyclo Cross, and we can’t wait to try it again. While it wasn’t the smoothest of bikes, it was one of the most fun!

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