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Kona Penthouse bikes feature the brand’s signature Cromoly steel framesets. These frames are stable, durable, and come with tire fenders that can be fitted to just about any terrain. It’s the ideal model for those who also likes road racing and also needs to commute in cities.

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Kona Penthouse Flat 2017 Gold
Kona Penthouse Flat 2017 Gold
 622  626
Kona Penthouse 2017
Kona Penthouse 2017
 622  661

Kona Penthouse Review

Kona Penthouse is a one of the nine steel bike models offered by the brand. Penthouse is the performance model under the brand. Yes, this model doesn’t offer a traditional carbon or alloy frame. These bikes come with Kona’s branded Cromoly framesets. The frames are made from steel, and according to Kona, offers better shock absorption, suppleness, and durability. Our review tested the performance of these bikes, not really whether the frameset is made better than other models.

From the outset we can say that Penthouse is a really versatile bike model. These bikes can be used for commuting, road cycling, and for general casual cycling. It’s like an urban commuter version of the Honky Tonk bike. The framesets are indeed made to endure. The geometry the brand uses has a six sized spread, so we did get better stability and durability that we could actually feel.

These bikes are also outfitted with excellent components from reliable brands such as Shimano, Schwalbe, and FSA. The bike overall is lightweight enough for urban commuting. The frame has old school features like brake calipers too, so not all design choices are contemporary. It bikes have tire and fender clearances to handle any type of terrain under any weather condition. It’s just the perfect all-purpose bike that casual riders will love. Pros may find lack of specialized features inadequate for mastering a particular terrain.

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  • Branded steel frameset
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Suitable for any type of terrain
  • Suitable for commuting and road racing

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  • No specialized features for pros


The Verdict

Kona Penthouse is the perfect bike for casual or leisurely users. It has a unique steel frameset that offers better durability and stability than most. This bike is perfect for urban commuting as well as road racing. you can upgrade the tires to handle any type of road or terrain. It’s well worth a buy.

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