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Are you looking for an old-school road bike that is comfortable and versatile? Try a Kona Paddy Wagon. The Paddy Wagons have Reynolds 520 mandrel-butted cromoly frames and forks, saving on weight and improving on compliance. With endurance-oriented geometry and Kona’s very own cockpit components and saddle, these models are above par for the price you’ll pay.

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Kona Paddy Wagon 2018
Kona Paddy Wagon 2018

Kona Paddy Wagon Review

The only thing we didn’t really dig about the Kona Paddy Wagon is that hills take a little bit more effort. Other than that, this bike gives you everything you would need and more, all without breaking the bank. Can Kona do any wrong? At its best price, the Paddy Wagon only costs a few hundred dollars and it gets the job done.

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