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Are you looking for a good road bike that is also up for a little bit of adventure? The Kona Jake will suit your needs perfectly. This bike consists of an aluminum butted frame and weighs close to 11 kilos. The bike is moderately priced, particularly when compared to others in its category.

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Kona Major Jake 2020 Cylocross
Kona Major Jake 2020 Cylocross
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Kona Jake Snake 2020 Cylocross

Kona Jake Review

Road bikes have the tendency to need to be jack of all trades. This is because there are expected to withstand well to several types of terrain. After all, it can be difficult just what you will come up against on your daily commute. However, taking Kona’s reputation with bikes in other categories into consideration, we had a good feeling about the Jake.

This bike is surprisingly light which is definitely something to look forward to with a road bike. Pushing against a heavy frame can get tiring after a while and with a commute bike you need that mileage.

We started off the Jake nice and easy, hitting up city streets. This bike flew offering up an incredibly smooth ride. The steering was also great, allowing us to direct the bike with ease. Elated with this success, we decided to head to hillier pastures. After all, this bike had a considerable number of gears to help us feel confident about our upcoming journey.

True to form, the Jake did hold. Not only did it tackle the inclines without a problem, it was also a comfortable ride! We did not even feel any of the bumps. Another thing we wanted to talk about were the fender and rack mounts. We did use them at one point, however, it was on the road. Even with a little added weight, the Kona still performs incredibly well.

Overall, we had to say that we were quite pleased with the Kona Jake’s performance. What makes this bike even better is the price tag. It is not cheap but the experience it provides, you really cannot complain. This is a really great all-terrain bike to have around. You certainly will not be disappointed.


  • Moderately priced
  • Good frame
  • Lots of gear options
  • Good tires
  • Lightweight
  • Good for multiple terrain
  • Comfortable


  • Lever is a little difficult to reach in certain positions
  • Baggage is only suitable for road

The Verdict

The Kona Jake is excellent value for money and great as a bike to take everywhere you go.

The Kona Jake is certainly one of the better road bikes that you will ride. It really does not disappoint.

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