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Kona Esatto Review

We were excited to get our hands on the Kona Esatto. While Kona has been making road bikes for a while, they are still best known for their work with mountain bikes. As such, we could not wait to see what the brand had in store for us with their road bike.

One of the advantages of the Esatto is that it is quite light. You are unlikely to get weighed down, riding around on this bike. Particularly for a road bike, this is a good quality to have. On the subject of the frame, the Esatto offers up wonderful stiffness, making it much easier to balance on the bike.

Also, something that we have noticed with other Kona’s remains true for the Esatto. The bike fits a variety of riders really well. When it comes to sizing, there are very few issues with Kona.

Riding the Esatto only proved our initial approval of the bike. It is a smooth ride and the Esatto is also pleasantly fast. Since it was a Kona bike, we decided to hit up some rougher tracks. Here, too, the bike responded well. Going both up and down slopes was also remarkably easy. This, of course, was in no short part due to the lighter weight. Still, the test ride proved to us that the Esatto would withstand a great deal.

If you are going to be spending that amount, this bike should be able to put up with a few curveballs and some less than smooth terrain. It is safe to say that the Kona Esatto is a good bike to ride around every day. Regardless of whether you are in the city or the country, you should experience a smooth ride.

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  • Lightweight
  • Good steering
  • Stiff frame
  • Good fit
  • Comfortable ride
  • Good for many tracks

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  • Expensive


The Verdict

The Kona Esatto excels at being a good, dependable road bike. It offers many advantages and can tackle several tracks.

The Kona Essato is a good choice if you are a serious cyclist who plans on riding around every day. The Kona will be able to withstand the use.

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