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Jamis Durango Review

The Jamis Durango is something that we were pondering about even before we got our hands on the bike. This is due to the impressive price range of a brand that typically boasts more opulent models. Needless to say, we were a little critical about we could expect from a bike that was so cheaply priced.

This all changed when we actually saw the Durango. While it may not be the sleekest bike around, it is certainly compact, particularly when you consider to other bikes in the price range. All of the components are neatly tucked away, allowing for a nice, crisp experience. Now that we had determined that it was a decent looking bike, it was time to hop on.

Once we saddled up, it was difficult to not feel the weight of the bike. However, it was not unbearably heavy. At 13 kilos, it is more or less right on the mark. Also, this weight disappeared the moment we were off. Overall, it was a great experience. The Durango handled itself very well, pulling of an incredibly smooth ride.

One of the cheaper options of the Durango have cable disc brakes rather than the more popular hydraulic brakes. The more expensive versions do boast the hydraulic brakes nonetheless. The cable brakes do function perfectly but we do feel that they may need to be replaced after a relatively short period of time.

Another interesting thing to add was the overall comfort. Here, Jamis has made a great deal of effort and it has paid off. You will be able to ride for hours without feeling sore.

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  • Great price
  • Good value
  • Durable frame
  • Good handling
  • Comfortable experience

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  • A little heavy


The Verdict

For the price that you are paying, Jamis Durango meets and exceeds the expectations of any budget bike.

The Jamis Durango really does offer a pleasant ride. It handles well and stays the course. Despite the price, this is a bike that will certainly last you a long time, even with regular use. For the most part, it is an excellent deal.

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