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Haibike xDuro Review

These bikes really are something to marvel, from their aesthetics, to their componentry and construction, to their performance. We certainly enjoyed getting to review these bikes, one of the best e-bike ranges we’ve had the pleasure of riding.

Haibike specializes in this tech, producing some of their own equipment for these bikes. With aluminum frames, Shimano-heavy componentry, and Haibike gear, you’ve got some pretty good construction to start with. These bikes were easy to ride, took climbs really well, and picked up speed fairly well.

The Bosch displays offer several modes, including Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo, with walk-assistant settings. We found we could check out average and top speeds, the total distance we rode, and the trip time, among other measurements. The high quality e-lights were super bright, so these were solid rides at night. We especially loved the Bosch performance speed drive units, which have three sensors for torque, speed, and cadence, and these are processed near real time!

The only issues we really came across were that these bikes are quite noisy on lower gears, and the shifts are a little hard (though this is not as bad on the lower gears).

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  • Looks incredible
  • High tech gear
  • Quality Shimano and Bosch componentry
  • Several settings available
  • High performance speed drive unit
  • Computerized display with several measurement functions

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  • Noisy on lower gears
  • Hard shifting


  • The Verdict
  • A solid, albeit expensive, series of e-bikes with some incredible performance and even more incredible construction.

    We really liked the Haibike xDuro range. They all have price tags in the thousands, but may just be well worth every cent if you want some of the best in e-bike technology. The only snag in their otherwise solid performance is the choppy gearing and noisiness.

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