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Giant TCR Review

Giant TCR is a bike model that’s made to impress. We are speaking price wise as well as feature wise. We loved testing this model in our review, and it was quite difficult to find problems with it.

We are reviewing the latest version of TCR, as there was a previous stock as well. The newer models are much slender compared to the previous stock. True to the giant brand, the frames are compact as these bikes were originally designed.

Some bikes in this model have aero seatposts, while others have cut-to-fit ones. Regardless, of the type, the saddles offer incredible comfort. Even when the road because rough, the comfort levels remained. We found the TCR bikes to be highly responsive. It was like speaking to the road through a sleek, metal machine.

The TCR bikes have 10 speeds thanks to Shinamo Tiagra gearsets. Regardless of the speeds, it has impressive shifting ability. Even the steepest climbs were not hard to handle. The PSL1 tires however, are quite narrow. They are rather average and puncture prone. The breaks also felt quite average, like they needed oiling constantly.


  • Superior design
  • Great responsiveness
  • Comfortable saddles
  • Good shifting ability


  • Tires are puncture prone and average
  • Subpar breaks

The Verdict

Giant TCR overall is seriously awe-worthy model. The innovative geometry offers high responsiveness, solid speeds and a simple yet rewarding riding experience.

This is a good bike to start with. If you are using an older road bike, we recommend upgrading with the Giant TCR. If you can replace the brakes, this machine is almost flawless.

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