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Ghost Speedline Review

Ghost Speedline bikes are dark toned and very unassuming. So, we were quite skeptical when we went about reviewing this model. However, this road bike model managed to defy our low expectations.

This model is intended for entry-level riders, but mid-level riders as well as some pros might like it. The glowing feature of this model is its practicality. If you simply want a bike to get you from here to point B comfortably, you will find no better choice than this mode. The aluminum frame is lightweight, with a weight less than 10 kg, which is very easy to handle for anyone. With the frame comes wonderful maneuverability.

Though this bike model is intended for urban use, it’s quite adept at navigating uphill and downhill. Even in cities, the terrain can get rough, such as potholes in bad roads. This model can handle terrain mildly rough as this thanks to 9-speed 11-32t cassette with 27 gears. This is also a good touring bikes, perfect for weekend getaways.

As for cons, this bike model cannot handle vibrations and shocks quite as well as brands like Specialized. Still, if you are a confident rider, that won’t be a problem.

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  • Highly affordable
  • Very Practical
  • Ride in urban settings confidently
  • 27 gear ranges
  • Easy to lift

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  • Not very good looking
  • Bad shock absorption
  • Not suitable for big off-road trips


The Verdict

If you all you need is a convenient and comfortable bike for everyday commuting, Ghost Speedline is an excellent choice.

It offers only the features you need to navigate urban areas. You won’t have to pay extra for components like front suspension that you will never need. If you are a cyclist worker bee or a college kid without a car, Ghost Speedline would be a wonderful bike model for you.

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