Ghost Lector

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Ghost Lector Review

Ghost Lector is a hardtail mountain racer from the well regarded German brand. Our reviewers easily noted that the specs on this model are impressive right away. However, there’s always a difference between how well specs perform on paper, and on trail. The Lector bikes are a good example of this dichotomy. We reviewed the bikes on several trails to see whether the design pays off in the wild.

Lector bikes definitely have rigid frames, aimed at getting the best out of the bikes. The frameset depends a lot on the rider’s focus. The tubes of these bikes have sharp angles that are quite eye pleasing. Overall, this is a very physical bike model. The cheek panels are removable. The down tubes are really massive and engulf the bottom brackets. While this design allows the bike to perform powerfully, it can be punishing on challenging trails.

The forks have instant locks, so climbing up and sprinting with this bike is really easy. The cassettes are wide ranging, so the bikes can handle hills regardless of how steep they are. But the main issue we had was with the stiffness of the design. It’s very tough to get a stiff bike to perform well on challenging trails. Going over roots and rocks on these bikes are not very pleasant. Our reviewers found that the saddles can really slap the bum on rough terrain. The fork can become unresponsive too.


  • Power-focused design
  • Wide-ranging cassette to handle even the steepest hills
  • Climbing friendly


  • Frame too stiff for tough terrain

The Verdict

Ghost Lector is a hardtail worth having if you favor smooth trails over rough ones. These bikes can handle steep climbs easily. But, because of the stiffness, these bikes are not suitable for rough terrain at all. If you need a racer for mild to moderate trails, then this model will suffice.