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Ghost Asket Review

You only have to look at it to understand that this is not your average hardtail bike. This lightweight thoroughbred is very stiff and very swift and pays absolutely no attention at all in preserving your comfort. Still, we were eager to grab it by the horns and see what it can do.

The serious nature of the design is immediately evident from the Asket’s primary components. The frame and fork are forged from carbon, the brakes and shifters are Shimano XTs and the tires are Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evos. Most of the other components are Shimano XT as well. All of this means that any model in the Asket range will weigh in at under 12 kilograms. And that does pay dividends in the way of extreme performance.

Riding the Asket will give you one heck of a workout. It accelerates uphill like it is falling off a cliff as it maximizes speed with every ounce of energy you exert upon each pedal. It is not just good for straight-line speed, if you are the kind of rider who loves to slide and make a mess of the trail, the Asket simply says ‘Be my guest.’ It is ridiculously fun to throw around a trail. And what was really amazing is that we had been pounding around in it for a whole day and… not a glitch, not even a hint of a glitch. What really suffers by the end of the run is your buttocks and your legs.


  • Reliable lightweight construction
  • Fun to ride
  • Agile on trails
  • Rapid acceleration


  • Not at all comfortable

The Verdict

The Asket range is decently priced for the build quality it offers but worth so much for the sensation it delivers. It is brilliant.

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