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Genesis Flyer Review

Genesis has a few accolades and commendations to its name, including world records and some high profile celebrities like Harrison Ford using their bikes. Many of their road bicycles have seen some major tours as well. The sportive Flyer bike is not geared towards competition, but it is a good choice for a budget commuter and basic road bike.

With just around 10kg in weight, the Flyer sports a chromoly frame and carbon fork. Genesis has its own custom mudguards for this bike, and we were pleased with their length and coverage on wet roads. We haven’t tested this in full winter weather, but Genesis promises that the Maxxis treads will serve well.

The straightforward-looking bike has plenty of urban riding perks, including rack mounts and two bottle mounts. The saddle is comfortable enough for those longer rides, and the overall performance is average. We have reviewed better budget commuters, but with componentry, price, and weather-friendly construction, the Flyer makes for a good choice for the average urban rider.

In terms of disadvantages, the Flyer doesn’t offer a lot of power, and our smaller made reviewers felt that the levers were a little too large and stiff. The rim brakes are a little outdated, and we’ve seen better on budget bikes.


  • Decent weight
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Custom fenders
  • Rack and bottle mounts
  • Great for urban riding
  • All-weather construction


  • Rim brakes
  • Large levers
  • Lacks power

The Verdict

A great option for a singlespeed, all-weather commuter bike if you don’t have any major need for speed or power.

While the Genesis Flyer doesn’t exactly ‘fly’, it does alright for an urban rider. The less conducive parts can be upgraded without too much trouble, and the rack and bottle mounts are added convenience at this price. All in all, this is a decent bike.

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