Fulcrum Racing Speed

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Fulcrum Racing Speed wheelset is for serious cyclists who want to race professionally. These wheels are not as fancy as the XLR, but they offer comparable performance at a far more affordable price. Features include improved design for superior balance.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Fulcrum Racing Speed 40C C17 Clincher Wheelset Shimano
Fulcrum Racing Speed 40C C17 Clincher Wheelset Shimano
$2,099.99 $1,948.00
You save 7%
Fulcrum Racing Speed 55C C17 Clincher Wheelset Shimano
Fulcrum Racing Speed 55C C17 Clincher Wheelset Shimano
$2,199.99 $2,067.00
You save 6%

Fulcrum Racing Speed

Fulcrum Racing Speed is not exactly a top-of-the-line set of wheels for the brand. Most people are familiar with Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels, but the Racing Speed lines offers good value and excellent feature as well. These set of wheels are designed for road racers and serious cyclists. So, if you are a beginner, you might want to skip these. Racing Speed is the budget version of the top selling Speed XLR offered by the brand. However, this model also offers comparable features and performance.

This wheelset weighs only 1,360 grams. That is about as light as bike wheels can get. There’s no doubt that this wheelset is designed for racing and achieving top speeds. The rims have 50mm deep sections optimized for aerodynamic performance. You can essentially speed like a bullet through the air and feel like there’s no resistance at all. There’s a catch though: The Racing Speed wheels do not handle windy climated very well. One of the biggest features of this wheelset is the adjusted carbon layer system, which makes the valve stem balance out. You will experience zero imbalance issues thanks to that design choice. For serious racers, balance is everything.

The wheelset has locking aero spokes and recessed spoke nipples. The lacing spoke pattern is 2:1. There are more spoked on the rear drive side for better distribution of force to the wheel. There’s nothing really fancy with this wheelset, but pro cyclists have won World Championship Road races with these wheels. You can rely on them for training or racing on your terms.


  • High quality specs
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Rims optimized for aerodynamic performance


  • Not for beginners
  • Expensive

The Verdict

Fulcrum Racing Speed is a wheelset that will let you cut through the wind and speed like there’s no tomorrow. These high-quality wheels are made for pros.

You can train using these, or compete in a major race. These wheels are designed to handle pro-level demand.