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The Fuji Feather is an incredible bike. To create it, Fuji has taken the design from classic track bikes and applied 21st century refinement. It is a difficult tight rope to walk but they have, no doubt, pulled it off.

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Fuji Feather Review

The Fuji Feather is essentially a track bike bred for the road. Apart from that, it offers so much more.

Let us begin with the looks. This bike is oozing with nostalgic lines and angles enough to make any bike enthusiast drool helplessly. It is as classically correct as a Ming vase. It looks understated, unintimidated by the gizmos and sharp edges fitted onto most modern bikes these days. It isn’t complicated. Every detail has been reduced to its simplest possible form and function – everything from the all steel construction to the classic track geometry to the lugged forks and quill stem.

The rider assumes a fairly low and aggressive riding position. You can have the Feather with low hanging handles for a sportier feel. It may only be a single speed but oh boy can it go fast. Despite its steel frame, it is still astonishingly light at just over ten kilograms and very nimble on its feet. That said however, the retro-inspired design will have no mercy on your buttocks should you encounter a speed bump. Since this bike is designed primarily for use on the road, this is likely to happen. You have been warned.

While the Feather is not free of faults, what makes this bike so attractive is the simplicity that it offers with every ride. It is no stunner but it is dependable on urban terrain and will continue to offer consistence performance ride after ride.

As mentioned earlier, the Feather has been designed primarily to negotiate cities and it does that rather well, so long as your rear won’t complain too much. You can acquire this modern antique for a very low price.


  • Elegant design
  • High quality construction
  • Light
  • Fast
  • Good handling


  • Slightly uncomfortable on bumpy terrain

The Verdict

The Fuji Feather is a genuine masterpiece from one of the oldest and greatest bicycle brands ever.