Fuji Cross

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Fuji Cross Review

The Fuji Cross is a bike made for beginner Cyclocross riders, and it shows it in its design. This is by no means a bad thing, of course. It just means that you shouldn’t expect the very best, especially when you consider the relatively low price that you are paying for the bike.

The ride itself was pretty great, because it allows you to ride upright while having a pretty aggressive head angle and seat angle as well. One of the things that define the Cross and make it unique is the fact that it revels when traveling through the muddiest of trail conditions.

It is light enough in the front to zoom over the squishier parts of the trail, without much need for the rider to input a lot of control or effort. While the frame does feel a little on the firm side, the ride was actually quite springy, and we had no complaints about the Challenge Grifo tires, the carbon fork and the open treads.


  • Made for beginners
  • Upright but aggressive style
  • Very responsive
  • Super powerful
  • Doesn’t need to be micromanaged


  • Can feel a little too budget-oriented

The Verdict

The Fuji Cross is a bike that is made for anyone who wants to step into the world of Cyclocross without blowing a huge wad of money on a high end trail bike.

The Fuji Cross was a lovely little piece that we really enjoyed reviewing. It was more than capable of performing well on some pretty harsh trails, and handled exceptionally well in muddy conditions. Overall, this is a bike that any beginner should look at.