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Fuji Aloha Review

Fuji Bikes is a company that has actually been around for over a century, and have come up with some Olympian and major tour bikes. The Fuji Aloha doesn’t exactly live up to this reputation, but it certainly does get the basic job done.

The Aloha does look strikingly handsome, and the overall design is quite aerodynamic. We were not too happy with the frame and wheel weights, but the overall heft is not unmanageable. It does seem to make the ride a little slow for a time trial bike. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad bike, as beginner time trial riders may find the Aloha a useful challenge.

For this price, the specs are about average, and the relaxed geometry allows for a comfortable and conducive positioning. But low speed riding is a little on the harsh side, with little vibration damping. Other than this, the Aloha is a confident and efficient ride.

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  • Looks great
  • Aero tuck geometry
  • Efficient rides
  • Confident handling on most roads
  • Good for newbies and practicing

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  • On the hefty side for a TT bike
  • Lacks power
  • Not so clean at low speeds
  • Poor vibration damping


The Verdict

A decent bike for this price tag, most suitable for the less experienced beginner time trial and triathlon cyclists.

The Fuji Aloha may lack the power and specs afforded by some of the other bikes in its class, but if you are in need of something to start or practice on, it may work in your favor. Check for models with Shimano Dura Ace and Ultegra componentry for better results.

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