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The Focus Mares line is a great midrange cyclocross series with some equally great specs and performance. Even at the bottom of the line, Focus Mares bikes come with Shimano Tiagra components and thru-axle systems, and the overall construction clearly was well thought out, as it should be for this price!

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Focus Mares Al 105 2018
Focus Mares Al 105 2018
 1,601  1,113
You save 31%
Focus Mares AL 105 2018 56 magicblack
Focus Mares AL 105 2018 56 magicblack
 1,512  1,548

Focus Mares Review

The Focus Mares are smooth riders, though we all found the saddle a little firm for our liking. The carbon fiber material and Shimano heavy componentry make for a heftier price tag, but the performance you can expect with these cyclocross bikes will meet your needs. If you don’t mind a slightly heavier bike than the average, a Mares will handle smoothly. Go for the top of the line models for the best results.

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