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The Focus Mares line is a great midrange cyclocross series with some equally great specs and performance. Even at the bottom of the line, Focus Mares bikes come with Shimano Tiagra components and thru-axle systems, and the overall construction clearly was well thought out, as it should be for this price!

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Focus Mares 6.8 2019 48
Focus Mares 6.8 2019 48
$2,229 $1,300
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Focus Mares Review

The Focus Mares are smooth riders, though we all found the saddle a little firm for our liking. The carbon fiber material and Shimano heavy componentry make for a heftier price tag, but the performance you can expect with these cyclocross bikes will meet your needs. If you don’t mind a slightly heavier bike than the average, a Mares will handle smoothly. Go for the top of the line models for the best results.

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