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Focus Cayo is a wonderful racing bike for budget users. You get high speeds and great specs without having to spend an arm and a leg on this model. Despite the low price, the racing frameset is highly desirable and would suit even pros. This model offers good speeds and even better comfort.

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Focus Cayo Review

It’s hard to believe that a good racing frameset as offered by Focus Cayo can come at a budget price. But it does. So, we reviewed it to see if this model performs as well as it says it does.

We were surprised by the amazing balance offered by the frameset. Riding along a dirt road felt smooth, highly responsive and nimble without much effort. We have to say, the Cayo is awesome comfortable as well. That is definitely something you can appreciate on long journeys.

You will get modest specs upon purchase. Though for a racing bike of this caliber, its packs a punch. The best part is that if you don’t like the specs, you can easily upgrade as you like. We can say that the Cayo in its factory settings is not quite up to its full potential. A simple tweak here or there can improve speed and stability.

We were not that impressed with the tires, which could have better traction. The brake pads work well on smooth roads, but is not powerful enough downhill.

Other than these caveats, the Cayo is a well constructed road racing bike that performs as intended.

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  • Highly affordable price
  • Excellent racing frameset
  • Comfortable
  • Smoothing riding guaranteed

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  • Needs upgrades to reach full potential
  • Breaks are not as good as they should be
  • Tires could have better traction


The Verdict

Focus Cayo is the ideal budget racing bike with a solid racing frameset. You can easily upgrade this model to compare with an expensive high-end model with a handful of simple replacements.

It has a no-nonsense construction that both pros and beginners will love. Focus Cayo rides smoothly on racing roads as well as urban tracks.

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