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Felt Verza Review

Felt Verza is a series of hybrid bikes from the noted brand. Verza bikes are known for signature flat handlebars. These are some of the best known commuter bike models out there. Verza bikes are not super cheap, but you can get these bikes for a reasonable price. We reviewed how well these commuters performed on the street.

First, some words on design. The bikes come with alloy frames, but some parts, like forks can be made from carbon. Tubes tend to be triple butted with a lot of hydroforming work. Frames are very attractive on these bikes, and most come with eye-catching matte black finishes. Also, Felt doesn’t plaster the frames with millions of stickers. These bikes have Vittoria tires; not a well-known brand, but reliable nonetheless. The head to seat angles are 71 and 74. The standard Verza bike weighs about 23 pounds, which is impressively lightweight.

Verza bikes also have shim systems that can be configured to different settings based on the user’s preference. But of course the major selling point is the flat alloy handlebar, which is unusual for commuter bikes. The handlebar offers excellent maneuverability. Riding and maintaining top speeds is a breeze on this commuter. We liked everything, except the saddles. We expected high comfort levels for saddles made for commuter bikes. But the saddles were a bit stiff and narrow to be ideally comfortable.

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  • Flat handlebar for commuter bikes
  • Hybrid parts
  • Configurable shim system

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  • Bad saddles


The Verdict

Felt Verza is a hybrid commuter bike model that our review team really liked. These bikes are designed with city streets in mind. The biggest pro is the flat handlebar unique to this commuter model that makes handling the bike on city streets really easy. We liked the overall finished looks of the bike model as well.

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