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Felt Nine Review

Felt Nine is a mountain bike model from the Australian manufacturer. These bikes are known for their toughness. You would hardly find a more durable line of hardtail 29ers. We took several bikes of this model for a spin to see how well they performed compared to the build. These bikes are not really lightweight, so it was interesting to see how the model tackled various terrains.

These bikes are interestingly designed to feel stout underneath the rider. It gives the rider more control over navigation and maneuverability. These are important aspects to have when racing uphill. The bike frames are heavier than usual, but the chassis is race weight. The rear ends of the frames were really well built to ensure comfort. The front ends were rather heavy and tended to put weight on the bar. But overall design ensures that these bikes are suitable for racing.

It’s not easy to get the bikes rolling thanks to the heavy weight. But once you do get them rolling, they accelerate relatively easily. Steering is fast, but also very precise. The bikes come with SRAM shifting so you know these are reliable. The saddles are spacious enough to relax on without causing bum pain.

What we didn’t like was the rear brake hose routing. It was loopy and waved in the wind. The components were subpar, considering the price for the bikes, but can be upgraded easily.


  • Tough and durable
  • Picks up speed easily
  • Reliable sifting
  • Precise steering
  • Comfy saddle


  • Heavy
  • Bad rear brake hose routing
  • Heavy front end

The Verdict

Felt Nine is a reliable mountain bike model. These bikes are tough and can handle challenging terrain. However, riding may require some expertise and these bikes are quite heavy. Once you get used to them, it will be hard to switch to another model. The pricing offered is not bad either.

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