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Diamondback Podium Review

The Podium is definitely a surprise creation from the Diamondback brand. For years, this company has been shipping out some truly exceptional BMX and mountain bikes. Now it seems as they are trying their hand at something new. We decided it was a good idea to see if they had passed the mark or failed.

One of the first things that you are going to realize about the Podium is that it is not, strictly speaking, a road bike. Instead, it has all of these wonderful components that make it a little bit of a beautiful Frankenstein. This, of course, is the doing of Diamondback. They may have set out to create a road bike but they really could not resist letting some of their trademark features go to waste.

As it is touted as a road bike, however, we decided to hit the pavement with it. One of the joys of riding the Podium is the handling. With its handling, it is easy to mistake this for a racing bike. With just the lightest bit of encouraging, the Podium responded. Flipping from one landscape to another is not too much of a stretch either.

The 53/39-tooth chainrings and narrow-range 11-25t cassette are great if you live in an area that is predominantly flat. If you are planning on doing any climbing, nonetheless, you may find yourself a little stuck.

Finally, the one thing that you really cannot ignore is the price of the Podium. This is not what you would refer to as an affordable bike. If you like what you see, however, you will definitely be getting a good value for money.

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  • Excellent Handling
  • Good frame
  • A great mix of features for a road bike

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  • Gears are better suited to flat terrain
  • Quite expensive


The Verdict

The Diamondback Podium is a fantastic bike for a cyclist that appreciates good handling and superior specs.

The price of the Diamondback Podium can be quite off-putting, no doubt. That being said, it is a great bike to own regardless of whether you looking for a road bike or a race bike.

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