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If you are looking for a road bike with a little something extra, then the Diamondback Century is what you need. The aluminum alloy frame helps to keep the weight down to around 7 kilos, depending on the rest of the specs. The price of this bike varies from mid-range to a little more expensive.

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Diamondback Century 3
Diamondback Century 3

Diamondback Century Review

The fact that Diamondback makes road bikes is still a surprise to many. While they have been doing so for a while now, most people associate them with being one of the better BMX brands around. Nonetheless, Diamondback has given its all with the Century series. Let’s see how far it got them.

At first glance, the Diamondback Century appears to be the lovechild of an endure bike and a road bike. The shorter top tube and the taller head tube in particular were a throwback to an enduro design. This was not a hit among everyone. Some felt that it lead to a certain difficulty when attempting to steer the bike. Others on the team, however, felt that this make the Century just a little bit more exciting. It certainly took it a step further than most other road bikes. The enduro design does add a little something extra to the Century. Despite this, if you veer of the path too often, the bike will remind you that it is largely meant for roads. If you want to make the most of this bike, you will keep it on smoother terrain.

The other thing that we noticed was that the Diamondback Century produces an incredibly smooth ride. You will find yourself gliding along for hours on end. This is definitely something that you are looking for with a road bike. The handling is also quite smooth, and is tight on the corners.

This bike is great if you can get it for a more mid-range price. For a slightly higher cost, it becomes good. At the very least, you will certainly not be disappointed at having this in your collection.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Solid handling
  • Comfortable ride
  • More durable than most road bikes
  • Price


  • Steering
  • Design

The Verdict

The Diamondback Century is a good value for money, particularly as it offers more than most road bikes.

This bike, although, not the best out there is definitely a fun ride. You will have a good time, riding around on the Century.