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Dawes Giro Review

Dawes has earned itself a reputation as one of the more well-known bike companies in England. In particular, it is known for producing some of the greatest tour bikes. This is not the company’s only forte and they have put a variety of series including the Giro.

The Giro is pleasantly light which is great if you hope on overcoming even the smallest of slopes. Despite this light weight, the bike really does hold its own when it comes to durability. This is due to a feature that is typically more at home on mountain bikes. The gusset is welded to the down tube where the head tube converges. This feature adds a little bit more oomph to this bikes overall structure.

We decided to start off easy on a smoother trail to get a feel for this bike. Here we found that the Giro’s handling cannot really be faulted. It maintains stability and stays on course, even on less than stellar trails. You really will not find this bike weaving around even a little.

This definitely one of the highlights of the bike. Alongside this accomplishment are the Giro’s brakes. These are some good brakes and help to make you feel in utter control of your ride. You do not have to worry about these not performing up to standard.

If there were to be a complaint made, it would be regarding the tires. These are not the most durable feature on the bike. If you are hoping to make them last, at least for a little while, it would be a good idea to stay away from particularly uneven paths.

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  • Attractive Price
  • Good, durable frame
  • Good brakes
  • Impressive handling
  • Good option for beginners

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  • Tires not very reliable
  • Not suitable for experienced cyclists


The Verdict

For the reasonable price, the Dawes Giro performs quite well, with the handling the real star of the show.

Dawes Giro is a good beginner’s bike to own if you are trying to get a feel for riding. You will not have to spend too much but will still get a quality experience.

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