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Cube Suv Review

There are a number of hybrid bikes available out there. However, none combines high-tech design specifically to tackle urban issues like the Cube Suv. We took this unique commuter model out for a spin to see how it compared with other hybrid bike modles.

Unlike many other bikes, Suvs have double butted aluminium Superlite frames specifically designed for city commuting. The frame is very light in weight, so it’s easy to carry and also handle when there’s a sharp bend ahead. Appearance wise, the Suv bikes can be unassuming. However, the tech that has gone behind the design is anything but.

The multifunctional frame has optimized the rigidity-to-weight ratio to ensure that rides are nimble and comfortable. Of course, we know that almost all Cubes have this capability. In addition to this design, the battery and motors are positioned according to Agile Ride Geometry. So you can be quite confident when navigating traffic.

Plus, this model comes with voluminous Schwalbe Super Moto-X Kevlar tires. They can ride past potholes, pebbled streets and even tram tracks without an issue.

Though this is an undeniably a great bike to have, it’s important to consider whether you need all these features for the price listed.

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  • Lightweight frame
  • High-tech design
  • Excellent tires to handle rough urban terrain
  • Ideal for urban commuting

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  • Expensive
  • May have too many features for beginner riders


The Verdict

Cube Suv is one of the best urban rider bike models to have. You can rely on a SUV to get you to the place you want on time, no matter the traffic or the condition of the city road.

If you are a rather uncertain rider, you can rely on a Cube Suv to get you through anything the urban jungle throws at you.

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