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Cube Delhi Review

When one goes on a cycling trip at a foreign country, or hike on a rough trail, it’s important to have a bike to rely on. We firmly believe that Cube Delhi is that bike model. Not only do bikes of this model look handsome, they are designed with utmost care given to safety on the road. We took this model on a local park trekking trail for this review.

It’s easy to say that design of this model is very meticulous. A luggage rack is build right into the aluminum frame, so it’s doesn’t hinder off saddle pedaling. The hydraulic disc brakes are designed according to strict German standards. This model is clearly made for adventure tours. The trail we rode on got rough and wet after the initial phase. This model’s Suntour NCX D-LO Air suspension fork did a wonderful job of smoothing the navigation for us.

The saddlebag rails can be easily replaces id needed. The saddle can be adjusted to fit the rider’s weight wasily. Importantly, this model comes with 30 gears to manage steep hills and speedy descents. Also, 40 lux Müller’s Eyc T LED headlamp beautifully illuminates the road.

Almost everything about this bike model is perfect. Except that some of us found riding on the saddle a bit too uncomfortable after a while.

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  • Reliable and durable design
  • 30 gears to navigate all sorts of trails
  • Specifically designed for adventure riders
  • Luggage rack is part of the frame
  • German standard breaks
  • Excellent headlamp illumination

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  • Saddle can get uncomfortable on long journeys


The Verdict

What can we say, we love Cube Delhi to bits. It’s the perfect cycle for adventure lovers, tourists and even commuters who like hiking or trekking once in a while.

The highly detailed design gives priority to rider safety. Cube Delhi bike model is definitely one you can rely on to take you through even the toughest adventure trails.

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