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Cube Agree is a high-performing mountain bike model ideal for riders who seek adventure and adrenaline-filled thrills. This model combines aesthetically pleasing designs with advanced carbon tech. The result is pragmatic and stylish. These tough bikes are great downhill, accelerate like crazy and would please both pro an amateur cyclists.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Cube Agree C 62 Race 2020 22 Carbon
Cube Agree C 62 Race 2020 22 Carbon
$2,699.00 $2,159.99
You save 20%
Cube Agree C 62 Race 2020 22 Carbon
Cube Agree C 62 Race 2020 22 Carbon
$4,450.99 $2,256.00
You save 49%
Cube Agree C 62 Race 2020 Carbon - 22 Carbon
Cube Agree C 62 Race 2020 Carbon - 22 Carbon
$2,499.00 $2,586.00

Cube Agree Review

When we got Cube Agree bikes for review, we didn’t expect them to impress us. We frankly thought these bikes would be just like other Cube models. We were surprisingly wrong. Our reviewers particularly loved this model because it combines practical needs quite well with style expectations. These bikes are build to look good, and also to ride good.

This model has an angular tube frameset made with the twin-molding technique, so the bikes have far better stiffness-to-weight ratio than other mountain bikes. This makes Agree bikes quite easy to handle on tough terrain. The chainring is 52 tooth, which is bug. The advantage here is that bike can handle basically any speed. Indeed, speeding downhill on an Agree bike is simply heaven.

We were impressed by just how well this bike handles speeds. Agree bikes have, Dura Ace professional components, which makes them very lightweight. Because of the low weight, speeding downhill is a breeze. Of course, a bike that can handle high speeds also needs a super brake set. Agree bikes have hydraulic disc brakes that give them amazing braking power.

Agree bike is built to build momentum. While this is great when riding downhill, the bikes can be a challenge to ride uphill. The super lightweight structure is not suitable when one needs to pedal hard to get up there, and also when navigating sharp bends.


  • Stiff angular frameset
  • Low weight
  • Bigger than average chainring
  • Excellent braking power


  • Built for speed, not going uphill
  • Sharp bends and similar obstacles would pose problems for this model

The Verdict

All in all, Cube Agree is the top mountain bike to own for those who like speeding downhill. We recommend this model for racers as well.

The impeccable design is intended to provide superior functionality and maintain speed. The bigger chainring along with great brakes make Cube Agree quite ideal for adventure cyclists.