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Cube Access Review

One thing that Cube is definitely known for is being able to cater to all corners of the market. If you have a cycling need, it is more than likely that Cube will come up with a solution. The great thing about Cube is that more often than not, this company really does succeed. This is why we could not wait to try out the Cube Access.

The Access falls right into the middle as far as categories are concerned. While it is durable and certainly performs well, it still best to take it easy on this bike. As such, it is probably better suited to beginner cyclists or those who want a good, sturdy bike.

Once we got going on the Access, one of the first things we could not help but marvel at was the speed. This bike was quite fast, which is impressive considering the overall specs. The tires do help quite a lot in this particular arena. The brakes are also quite good, managing to bring the bike to a halt even when we took the speed up a notch.

Another pleasant feature on the Access was that it was quite comfortable. The seat, in particular, is something that you can comfortably settle yourself on and not have to worry about getting sore. The other was that the design of the bike gently encouraged an upright position, helping you to relax into a more attainable position.

The Cube Access is a great bike for the price that it is being offered for. Furthermore, this bike is just the thing that you need if you are trying to convince yourself to take up cycling. You will require no more persuading after just one ride.


  • Good design
  • Comfortable seating
  • Great tires
  • Fast
  • Good for beginners
  • Good price


  • Less exciting for experienced riders

The Verdict

The Cube Access is a wonderful bike to get started on, particularly considering the very inviting price tag.

The Cube Access is not perfect but it is a lot of fun to ride and more importantly, it is also quite comfortable.

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