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Crème Echo Review

We recognized the design of the Crème Echo the second we saw it come in – it had the world-famous Prestige steel tubing.

In addition to this, it looked like a racing bike that had wheeled itself right out of the 1980s. We were very pleasantly surprised by the higher head angle, the chrome-steel fork and the lugged steel frame.

All of these gave the Crème an air of rich quality and of being a lot more expensive than it actually is. In reality, the bike is surprisingly affordable! There is a Ritchey Classic stem and bar, all of which add to the authentic appearance of the Echo’s dating.

When we weighed it though, it was a mere 10kg. While this was assumed to be a hindrance on climbs, the frame was actually incredibly efficient when paired with the wheels, the gear spread and the stiffness of the chassis.

Descending was where we noticed one of the most glaring discrepancies in the design of the bike – the brakes were terrible. The brake pads are unbranded, glossy, and obviously not made for stopping from speed. The rest of the bike, including the drive train and the wheels, more than made up for the lack of stopping power though.


  • Retro appearance
  • Great on climbs
  • Not expensive relatively
  • Perfect weight
  • Stiff steel frame


  • Terrible braking

The Verdict

The Echo is truly a blast from the past: a bike that looks and feels absolutely vintage, and is a joy to ride!

We really liked riding the Creme Echo, in spite of the bad brakes. There was a lot going for it, including the design and the handling on climbs. The experience still echoes with us.