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Trek Conduit+ is a commuter bike model with an electronic assist. These bikes can reach 20mph powered by the Shimano drivetrain, and range for a single charge is about 30 miles. These bikes have onboard lighting, fenders that don’t rub off on tires, and well balanced steering.

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Conduit+ Review

Conduit+ is a recently released electric bike model from Trek. The brand is better known for tour bikes, so we were quite excited to review this new product. There are several things that sets the Conduit+ model from other electric assist models. This one comes with a Lync onboard lighting system attached. That is, there are two front and tail lights that works after charging. The lights can last 5 hours continuously switched on.

This e-bike model comes with uniquely designed fenders. It’s really thought out to keep the dirt and mud out. These fenders interestingly stay on place without rubbing off on tires, which is an issue with most bikes. The Conduit+ is equipped with Bontrager Hard-Case tires. The tires are not big or particularly fast rolling, but they are really durable. You are highly unlikely to get a flat tire with these super sturdy ones.

These bikes are powered by a Shimano Step electric system. It’s really powerful and can reach max speeds at 20mph. Most e-bikes nowadays can. The range was a bit disappointing. This bike model will last about 30 miles on a single charge. Trek’s Ride+ in comparison can go up to 75 miles on a single charge. Most components on these bikes are Shimano Deore, which ensures a rather smooth ride. Steering is well balanced. Overall, we thought this was a good bike for daily commuting along short distances.


  • Onboard lighting system
  • Excellent fenders
  • High-quality Shimano parts
  • Balanced steering


  • Limited range

The Verdict

Trek Conduit+ is a solid commuter bike model with an electronic assist. We really liked the fenders, and the reliable Shimano components. For the most part, this e-bike performs in a rather standard manner. However, the steering was well balanced. The range per single charge is limited, so we recommend this for short commuting needs.