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Cannondale Touring

Cannondale has gone back to its roots with its touring bikes and we couldn’t wait to hop and try it out. At first glance, the most noticeable thing about this bike is the wheels – they are quite large. This is something that you feel as you are riding. At 12kg, the bike isn’t overly heavy. However, the wheels do drag us down a bit in the beginning.

Apart from this, the ride on the Touring was quite smooth, with the bike handing all of the bumps and potholes quite well. This is when we decided to see how it would fare on rougher terrain. It was clear from the moment that we headed off-road that this is what this bike was meant to do. Regardless of the obstacles, the Touring just took it all in stride and just kept on going. Climbing up slopes was quite easy too and going downhill was a breeze. Of course, if you were to add any additional load to your bike, you will find yourself having to exert a lot more energy.

The braking proved to be excellent in all sorts of weather conditions, stopping on a dime each time. What didn’t hold up as well in the wet conditions were the tires. They are great on dry surfaces but seem to lose some traction riding over wet surfaces. The geometry of the Touring ensures its comfort. It allowed us to sit in an upright position and allowed us to maintain our stability throughout the journey.

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  • Good geometry
  • Works well on rough terrain
  • Good brakes

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  • Heavy wheels
  • Expensive for such minimal features


The Verdict

The Cannondale Touring is a good touring bike, if not somewhat overpriced for what it offers. It is comfortable and stable enough for daily rides but holds its own even on rougher terrain. This is definitely a bike that you can enjoy on all types of surfaces and in different kinds of weather as well.

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