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Cannondale Quick Carbon Review

The Cannondale Quick Carbon certainly has somewhat of an unusual experience. It is not every day that a carbon frame is paired with flat bars. This unique design is a purposeful feature, however. This is so that this one bike is able to tackle a variety of riding styles and terrain while maintaining your level of comfort.

To see if the Quick Carbon lived up to expectations, we set off. The first thing that is noticeable about this bike is the level of comfort, even on the bumpiest of terrains. This is due to the specific technologies employed by Cannondale in their carbon fiber frame and fork. This does two things – it certainly dampens just how much vibration that you have to deal with on your ride. At the same time, however, it also ensures that your wheels are making greater contact with the ground, even when you are on uneven terrain.

The bike is light which makes it an absolute speed demon. It was nice to be able to reach such speeds but still remain a more comfortable, upright position. The brakes also worked like a dream and were powerful enough to bring the bike to a halt even after we picked up some speed.

Climbing is easy enough with the light frame not requiring much effort. However, the steeper the slope, the more the flat bars come into play. Therefore, it can be difficult to generate the necessary power while sitting down. The Quick Carbon seems to have encompassed all of the best features of a mountain and a road bike.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Carbon form
  • Great suspension
  • Fast
  • Good breaks


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to ride on very steep slopes


The Verdict

Riding the Cannondale Quick Carbon is as close as you can get to having it all. This bike is durable, able to handle rough terrain, but still offer up a comfortable ride. If you are willing to pay the hefty price tag, this bike will be an absolute dream.

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