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Cannondale CAAD8 Review

Cannondale has become a great deal cheaper in the more recent years. As such, their premium options are now available to those who don’t have a lot of money to burn on a road bike. Case in point is the Cannondale CAAD8.

As with most Cannondale bikes, the overall structure is the discerning point with the CAAD8. It is built to be speedy and light. Weighing in just over 9 kilos, the CAAD8 is definitely one of the lighter options on the market. This is not just great in terms of allowing you to conserve a little energy, it also helps the CAAD8 to be quite fast. As far as speed goes, you definitely will not be disappointed with this model.

Despite the considerable amount of power that you manage to build up, there is less reliable efficiency in its brakes. This is certainly an area that Cannondale can work on with the CAAD8. While you will come to a stop, it is going to take some force and time before you come to a complete halt.
The suspension on the CAAD8 is also quite notable and it is able to cushion you from most of the bumps or potholes. This means that your body will not be absorbing the impact with the road. Nonetheless, this is definitely a bike that favors performance over actual comfort.

Cannondale has managed to come up with a really impressive road bike, particularly for the price that they are asking for. If you are serious about cycling, then the CAAD8 definitely belongs in your arsenal – you will not regret it. From structure to performance, the CAAD8 does not put a wheel out of place. If you are willing to forego a little bit of comfort, this can even be considered an entry-level bike.

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  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Good suspension

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  • A little uncomfortable
  • Needs better brakes


The Verdict

The Cannondale CAAD8 is an absolute value for money purchase. This bike is of high quality and offers up an excellent performance.

The Cannondale CAAD8 will be ideal for someone who really enjoys speed and precision.

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