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Right of the bat, I can tell you I wasn’t sure. There have been some great bikes before that excelled in single categories and some regretful ones that attempted multiple categories. But the DMC’s impeccable concept and construction had me grinning wide this time.

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BMC Roadmachine 01 2018 Frameset
BMC Roadmachine 01 2018 Frameset
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BMC Roadmachine Review

Don’t be fooled by its looks, it is not what you think it is… unless you were thinking a road-going endurance bike, then you are pretty accurate. Indeed the BMC Roadmachine is not a racer even if it has traditional race geometry and a few of the performance figures will have you believe it is.

I for one, don’t take kindly to a bike model that is claimed to be ideal in every conceivable setting. I am a skeptic of all-rounders, so to speak. But with the Roadmachine I was genuinely impressed. Most manufacturers may laugh at the challenge of coming out with an effective compromise between a thoroughbred race spec and the Granfondo… but no one told BMC apparently.

The frame again is unique and a bit of a categorical conundrum. While the geometry is decidedly endurance oriented, you can’t really make up your mind taking in all the aggressive undertones that offer speed and clean airflow. Even more extraordinary, however, is what is under the paint. Components like the top tube, forks and seatstays have been configured for comfort while the power transferring bits like chainstays, downtube and are around the headtube are more rigid and sized up. The result is a bike that can do both speed and comfort in the most efficient way. Pretty impressive stuff.

Other far-too-complex-for-me-to-possibly-understand kinds of engineering witchcraft have been integrated to make the Roadmachine quite simply the best all round performance bike I think I’ve ever tested. It takes the compliments previously brandished on other bikes for their excellence in a specific category wraps them all up into an affordable package. Criticisms? You know what? Ring us up if you find any because honestly, we got nothing.


  • Brilliant all-round performance
  • Highly responsive
  • Easily compatible cockpit
  • Good looks


  • No disadvantages

The Verdict

I simply cannot fault the design or the execution. It’s a total winner for BMC.

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