Bianchi Oltre

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Bianchi Oltre Review

Right away, it is easy to see that the Bianchi Oltre is something special. Its sleek and sturdy frame really is a sight to behold. Although at first glance, it appears as though this bike might force a bit of a tough position on the rider.

Once we were done admiring the Oltre, we decided to see just what it had up its rather slender sleeve. We were barely moments into the ride before we were discovered just what was so special about this bike. The Oltre is incredibly fast and can be spurred on to go even faster if you want.

Overall, the bike is incredibly responsive with it easily obeying every movement and physical command. While it is certainly built for speed and not for climbing, you will not experience too much difficulty in getting up and down mild slopes. It was soon obvious that we were right about one aspect, the riding position on the Oltre can be a little harsh. For all of that speed that you are enjoying you are going to be forced into a pretty brutal position.

Despite the uncomfortable positioning, the rest of the bike is pretty comfy, in particular the seat and the tires. While they won’t take away from the low position, it still does help to relieve some of the tension.

The Bianchi Oltre is not necessarily the best around and for its price, Bianchi certainly could have done better. Of course, if you are the type of person who enjoys speed then none of this will really matter to you because the Oltre is incredibly fast and versatile.


  • Lightweight bike
  • Good handling
  • Really fast
  • Comfortable saddle and tires


  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable riding position

The Verdict

The Bianchi Oltre has been designed for speed seekers and in that regard certainly does not fail to disappoint.

If you do not mind spending some serious money on a bike that is every speed demon’s dream, then the Bianchi Oltre is perfect for all of your needs.