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Are you looking for a long-distance bike that offers excellent comfort and world-class design? Then Bianchi Infinito is probably the bike you are looking for. It’s not the cheapest bike out there, but it offers a race bike-inspired geometrical frame while weighing less than 10 kg.

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Bianchi Infinito XE Ultegra Disc 2020
Bianchi Infinito XE Ultegra Disc 2020

Bianchi Infinito Review

Bianchi Infinito is definitely one of the best known bikes out there. The brand has been seen in Tour de France, and hardcore cyclists have long praised their love for this bike. We reviewed it just to see if the actual product meets the hype.

The bike is made for long distance journeys. We took it for a 10 km ride along paved roads, through a public park and down a rough, hilly terrain. We were surprised to find how comfortable it was to ride this bike for basically the whole day. We also managed to turn a few eyes along the way. Bianchi Infinito is definitely an attractive bike. It has a sleek design with a colorful and pleasing finish.

The design is based on a race bike so the body is perfectly geometric. However, the head tube is a bit taller than on your average racing bike. As far as the specs go, it has a sturdy Toho Um 40 high modulus carbon fibre frame and Campagnolo Athena 11 speed. The weight is about 7.6 kg, which isn’t bad. The best price we got for this bike is $1,700.

The bike performed impressively well on almost all the terrains we tested. The frame expertly handled the vibrations to ensure comfort. It rode perfectly on smooth paved surfaces. However, the bike did not handle the unpaved and pebble-ridden roads that well.


  • Handles vibrations well
  • Very good looking
  • Super comfortable
  • Excellent design


  • Doesn’t handle rough roads well
  • Expensive

The Verdict

Bianchi Infinito is an excellent bike with a superior frame that offers comfort for long journeys on largely smooth roads.

It may have cost us an arm and a leg, but we loved this bike. It offered unparalleled comfort for the bum. You could ride it for days and not feel sore. Also, the bike is expertly designed with great care in mind. As mentioned before, riding this on paved roads is like gliding on clouds. As long as you avoid really rough terrain, this is a great product to own.

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