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The Specialized AWOL is a roadster that is built for urban cyclists with a passion for riding something beautiful. With gorgeous racks for the ultimate in errand bikes, and a very sturdy steel frame, this is a bike that really takes the cake for riding anywhere.

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Specialized Awol 2017 Touring
Specialized Awol 2017 Touring
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Specialized Awol Comp 2017 Touring

Specialized AWOL Review

When we took a look at the Specialized AWOL, we noticed that it looked a lot like the classic image of a delivery bike. It can even support up to 15kg of boxes, bags and more on the frame. There is a Tubus rear rack that is made out of steel and is very sturdy indeed.

We noticed that the tires are side-strip for additional urban use, and were Specialized’s own Trigger Sport tires. Even the mudguards on the bike are metal, with flaps that are pretty big and can protect a rider from most splashes.

Everything about this bike is heavy duty, including the chain which is a KMC Eco Proteq unit that has twice the ability to resist corrosion as the normal unit can. There was a lot of flex when we rode the bike, which means that the frame fatigues less easily, and the Specialized Phenom seat was one of the most comfortable that we have sat in.

To complete the picture, we took note of the very useful Spyre disc braking system that had rotors with a diameter of 160mm.


  • Steel frame is very durable
  • Trigger Sport tires can handle the streets
  • Lots of flex in the frame
  • Great chain set
  • Nice mud protection


  • Quite a heavy bike

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