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Italy’s Pinarello Rokh bikes are midrange race bikes that ride as well as they look, if not better. For the price you’ll pay, you will certainly get some good specs, with Shimano-heavy componentry and lightweight carbon fiber construction. The super comfy original saddles make long races a total breeze to manage.

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Pinarello ROKH Ultegra 2016 BOB 53.5cm
Pinarello ROKH Ultegra 2016 BOB 53.5cm
 3,427  2,742
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Pinarello Rokh Review

Even at the bottom of the line, Pinarello Rokh bikes seem to deliver. These bikes are super responsive, light, and stable. Bumpy rides are no longer an issue, and twisting ascents are easy to navigate too. The top end of this range features some of the higher quality Shimano components, so if you’re looking for a win, try a Pinarello Rokh.

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