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ICEBIKE Mailing List

The ICEBIKE Mailing List is an e-mail list to which winter cyclists subscribe, and exchange ideas. Each e-mail sent to the ICEBIKE list is echoed to all subscribers. You don't have to subscribe to post to the list, but you have to subscribe if you want to see the full discussion. The list is very quiet in summer and quite active in winter, when list members are comparing problems and solutions, and helping new ICEBIKERS get started. We swap the usual lies and brag about our uphill rides though 3 feet of fresh snow in 40 below weather and other assorted chit chat.

You subscribe by sending e-mail to listserv@listserv.heanet.ie with the following in the body of the message:

subscribe icebike (your name)

That's it, just that much, no signature line or anything.  And, leave the parehthisis out of the line above.

Now Pay Attention
When you get your response from the list server save the message. It tells you nifty things, like how to get off the ICEBIKE list when you're sick of it, or go on vacation of something. Should you forget, directions on how to manage your subscription may be found by clicking HERE

Sometimes it is helpful to review past list messages to see if a question was asked and answered last year or last month. This is not to imply that the members would not be willing to answer your questions again. We re-hash everything periodically anyway. The archives of the list can be accessed below. .

Arrow5110.gif (4190 bytes)Click here to visit the Archives

The ICEBIKE mailing list was started and is managed by Joe Clark.

Infact, Joe coined the word ICEBIKE when he announced the ICEBIKE mailing list on USENET in Rec.Bikes.Tech back in 1995.  That was the beginning of it all.  All of a sudden individual ICEBIKERS realized they were not alone (although still quite crazy).

While not a moderated list, Joe can take action if you abuse the spirit of comradery and good fellowship. See Joe's ICEBIKE Gear Article.

Note: Joe Clark is not responsible for this site, do not bug him with comments or requests. Bug the ICEBIKER instead
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