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The Trek Top Fuel range of bikes are well designed for cross country riders. With models geared for the leisurely trail rider, the enthusiast, and the racer, this range has a lot to offer. These bikes have only a few minor annoyances, but are otherwise solid trail rides.

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Trek Top Fuel 9.8 GX 2020 M Long
Trek Top Fuel 9.8 GX 2020 M Long
Trek Top Fuel 8 NX 2020
Trek Top Fuel 8 NX 2020
Trek Top Fuel 9.7 NX 2020
Trek Top Fuel 9.7 NX 2020

Trek Top Fuel Review

Trek knows its trail bikes, having been making them for decades. If you need a solid XC bike of any level, you can be sure you’ll find one with this brand. We expected the usual high quality from the Trek Top Fuel bikes when we took them out to the rough trails in the countryside.

For starters, we were really pleased with the geometry and aesthetics of these bikes. Even if they didn’t perform as well as they did, we might have bought them just for the appearance alone. But the componentry is pretty solid, with some of Shimano’s best groupsets. The carbon and aluminum frames are super light, making these bikes an easy ride.

For the most part, the wheelsets were well suited to the trail, light, stiff, and agile. We could pick up some pretty heavy duty speeds with them. The only issue was that they lacked traction on the worst trails, and steeper climbs were difficult.


  • Gorgeous design and geometry
  • Lightweight Carbon fiber and aluminum frames
  • High quality componentry across the board
  • Wheels light and stiff
  • Excellent trail and XC bikes


  • Reduced traction on some bikes with harsher trails
  • Steeper climbs were tough

The Verdict

Definitely a solid and high quality choice of mountain bike for all levels of riding, from the occasional riders to the racers.

We loved the Trek Top Fuel bikes, to say the least. While they did have the odd hiccup to deal with, this was no hindrance for their excellent overall performance. You can be sure that these model will deliver what they promise. It may cost you a bit, but it will be worth it.

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