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The Subrosa Altus entry level BMX bike is great for beginners looking to learn how to pull tricks and catch air. If you are looking for a cheap bike to start with, you can get a Subrosa Altus for as low a couple of hundred bucks at best price! Though this is not the best beginner bike we have gotten to review, it certainly is one of the most affordable.

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Subrosa Altus 16 2020 - 16.5
Subrosa Altus 16 2020 - 16.5
Subrosa Altus 16 2020 16.5
Subrosa Altus 16 2020 16.5
$563 $364
You save 35%
Subrosa Altus 16 2020 16.5
Subrosa Altus 16 2020 16.5
You save 35%

Subrosa Altus Review

Subrosa is a brand that epitomizes the BMX lifestyle. Though still a young company, the founders and all involved in the venture are diehard fans, which may be an understatement of their dedication. The Subrosa Altus bikes were especially designed to get a new wave of BMX lovers to join the movement, with kids models available for the low price of around $120.

We took the adult models out for a spin, and brought along a couple of inexperienced riders to give them a try too. The rookies felt that these bikes were a little heavy, but we promised them that they would get used to it, and that it can help with control on tricks. Having said that, these bikes are just a tad bit heavier than the average BMX, but only by a pound or two. Given that some of the models are cheaper than your average BMX though, it’s not too much of a compromise.

The top models are a little bit more expensive than average, but not as heavy, and are easy to maneuver. As far as freestyle bikes go, these are excellent choices for kids and new riders. We found that the hi-tensile steel frames were durable and tough, and took damage like a pro on every biff.


  • Tough and durable frames
  • Average weight for beginner bikes
  • Great control
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great kids options
  • Some really affordable models


  • Some models 1-2 lb overweight
  • One or two models a little more expensive than most BMX bikes of this level

The Verdict

Definitely a great set of beginner BMX bikes for young riders and the inexperienced looking to learn a few tricks.

The Subrosa Altus was clearly built with one thing in mind: preparing the next generation of riders in the BMX community. We certainly loved these bikes as entry-level beginner bikes. From bunny hops to stalls, the Altus bikes are great for learners.