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Specialized Jynx Review

We noticed that the standard wheel size for the Specialized Jynx line was 27.5”, which wasn’t bad considering that it is fast becoming the new standard in the cycling circuit, at least for trail and MTB bikes.

The Jynx was at the perfect midpoint between balance, stability and handling, and performed very well. This entire line is built for women, which means that the shifting of weight on the bike is a lot easier than for a unisex frame.

The fork of the bike is a nice 80mm travel Suntour XCM fork, which is of the coil variety rather than being air suspension. We weren’t too happy about this, simply because there is the added labor of having to adjust the spring tension for different cyclists every time they get on and off the bike.

While the fork did feel a little on the sticky side, it did a pretty good job of damping the trail, although we felt a little jittery.

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  • Great frame design – built for women
  • Nice balanced wheel size
  • Efficienct pedaling on hills and descents

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  • Fork was a little sticky


The Verdict

The Specialized Jynx is a bike that is built to ensure that as a woman on a budget, you still have options in order to fulfil the craving for a good trail bike you know you have.

We had a blast riding around on the Specialized Jynx, and thought that it was more than worth the incredibly low price we paid for it. This was an excellent bike for its price range, although it could see a lot of improvements in the future.

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