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Specialized Alibi Review

The Specialized Alibi has been designed to require as little maintenance as possible. This is what makes it such a favorite among both new riders as well as experts. The Alibi boasts airless tires which means that you never have to worry about another flat again. We found that the tires are solid but have just enough give to ensure that you are not absorbing all of the impact. Despite being airless, the tires also have greatly reducing rolling resistance. It was much easier to get moving with the tires and to pick up speed as well. Another area in which the Alibi is low maintenance is the chain which is rustproof. You can ride this bike in some pretty bad conditions and still not have to clean it out too often.

We decided to see just how well the Alibi would hold up against our tests. Almost immediately we noticed that the fitness geometry on this bike was truly excellent. It propped us and made it very easy to get a good handle on the steering. You really begin to appreciate the geometry after a couple of hours on the Alibi. There is absolutely no soreness and we are all very comfortable.

Unlike the airless tires of old, these improved Nimbus versions had plenty of traction. It grips just as well once you have begun to pick up speed as well. We did take the Alibi out after a shower of rain and found that the traction didn’t perform quite as well then. This is definitely a bike that works better in dry conditions.

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  • Affordable
  • Airless tires
  • Rustproof chain
  • Comfortable

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  • Doesn’t work well on wet roads


The Verdict

The Specialized Alibi is a good fit for anyone looking to wander around town or wants a good workout. This bike is comfortable, handles well, and requires minimal maintenance. It is difficult to ask for more.