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Sensa Travel Review

Some riders want a bike to win races, tear up neighborhoods and cause mayhem. Some want a bike which they can relax in, do their daily commute in and later forget that it even existed. Still, others want a bike that feels alive, like a companion that will take them to places and keep them there in good company. And that is exactly the sort of market Sensa is aiming at with the Travel.

True to its name, the Sensa Travel is designed to be a simple machine, easy to ride and easy to live with. It does not take very long for you to understand the philosophy and purpose behind it when you take a look at the components that have gone into making it. The frame is a 7005 aluminum alloy, hydroformed and triple butted. The fork is also lightened aluminum. The overall weight is 13.8 kilograms, not racing spec obviously but comfort spec, oh yes. The tires are Schwalbe Delta cruisers. It even come with a headlamp and rear light.

Combine all of those components plus a comfort oriented ride and seating position and you end up with a bike that you cannot really drive fast or even want to drive fast for that matter. The message is clear with the Sensa Travel, “Don’t buy me if you think you can race me.” You certainly do not want to ride a Sensa Travel next to something like a Ridley Dean or superfast Merlin. It is not intended to prove anything to anybody. It was designed to solely to make you feel good, to deliver the feels, enhance the moment. So in every tangible way, you can snort at it. But in every intangible way, it is a piece of cake.

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  • Comfy ride
  • High build quality
  • Easy to handle
  • Practical

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  • Slightly heavy


The Verdict

Even though we typically love fast bikes and very little else, the Sensa Travel grew on us rapidly and by the end, we firmly understood the appeal behind it.